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My .info website has evolved from the original 1993 d.c.~daylight site which was then simply an exercise in writing html for a future company home page that needed some 'content'

Additional pages became information about my interest in valve audio equipment and html versions of some seminal articles on the subject ~ The current non business site has grown somewhat and now covers more than just valve audio equipment

If you speak to anyone who has studied electronics and ask them what is the best book on the subject many of them will tell you 'The Art of Electronics' by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill and I say the same

The picture above is the cover of my copy of 'The Art' which gets read regularly and often reveals new ideas or reinforces old knowledge about electronics techniques without opinion and with clear easy to understand facts ~ If you want a good basic introduction to the subject then look for 'Electronics A First Course' by Owen Bishop which is also a perfect book to get young people interested in electronics

If you have 'browsed' this far then why not read some of the stuff below that further explains how valve amplifiers and other electronic designs work ~ Without the waffle and conjecture and mistakes found in those 'paperbacks' that tell us how we must make our valve and tansistor and low noise low distortion amplifiers

The books and articles I list below should support the pages I have or intend to put on this site ~ Rather than me simply paraphrasing the original works you can read them for yourself ~ There are also some useful articles from Wireless world magazine which can be linked to from here

Reading this stuff along with some of the references they list will often prevent the need to question what has already answered years ago or will enable you to disregard some outrageous claims about new equipment signal to noise ratios and other specifications that cannot possibly be achieved

The Design of Low–noise Audio–frequency Amplifiers By Eric Andrew Faulkner ~ University of Reading ~ One of the best original works on the subject ~ often referenced by those who followed
Manual of Analogue Sound Restoration Techniques A wonderful insight into Analogue recording and replay techniques from someone who really knew and cared ~ Peter Copeland ~ BBC
Radio Receiver Design Part 1 & 2 by K. R. Sturley ~ The Marconi School of Wireless Communication ~ more than just receiver design
A Study of Noise in Vacuum Tubes and attached circuits by Frederick Britton Llewellyn from: Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers Volume 18 2 February 1930 ~ Bell Telephone Laboratories New York
ISBN 978-0408002592
Radio TV and Audio Technical Reference Book by S. W. Amos ~ Butterworth 1977
ISBN-13 978-0471577423
Low-Noise Electronic System Design by C. D. Motchenbacher and J. A. Connelly ~ June 29 1993

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