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Beard Audio P35 free schematics


Philips CD104 Fix

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Bob Pease Capacitor Soakage Dielectric Absorbtion

Capacitor Soakage DA?

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QUAD Amplifiers



RIAA BS1928 Stereo

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Valves Vs Transistors

I am the cover of the January 1961 Wireless World Magazine, a new image with the introduction of transistors.

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GOTEK FDD Emulator
for HP35670A analyser

NE5534 Op-Amp

NE5534 AD744
Op-Amp Class A?

Ariston RD40 Stuff
Component Information Old Adverts and Info Some Stuff for Sale
Components for Sale Capacitor Leakage Valve Amplifier/Buffer PCB
QUAD II Cascode
triode driver
Sugden A48 repair QUAD FM1 Stereo Decoder
Online Calculators Selmer TruVoice T.V.8 repair Stuff you may like to Read
BBC LS5/8 AM8/16 Measuring Transistor rrb
from Common emitter
Amplifer Output Noise



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