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1950 to 2003

Wireless World went downhill after 2000
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~ October 2023 ~

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Loudspeakers Exposed ~ John Watkinson ~ watch out for the GRIM speaker
Error feedback in audio power ~ William de Bruyn ~ M. Hawksford ~ E. M. Cherry
300V/µs power ~ Giovanni Stochino ~ possibly the fastest high power audio …?
Class–A power ~ After two and a half decades … ~ John L. Linsley Hood
A fresh look at valve power ~ Morgan Jones ~ Valve amplifiers
Ironing out Distortion ~ Edward Cherry ~ How to reduce distortion ~ parts 1&2
Proof for the golden ears hypothesis? ~ No proof just an advert for Audio Precision
Trial by three tones ~ Ivor Brown
Audio current conveyor ~ The PA630 IC ~ where is it now?
Evolutionary Audio ~ Solid–State Audio Power ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Designing low–noise audio amplifiers ~ Wilfried Adam
High–resolution frequency counter ~ Stephen Theobald
Noise in electronic systems ~ D. A. Bell ~ lots of good references
Helical antennas for 435MHz ~ James Miller ~ G3RUH
How to make electric charge from a radio wave ~ R. C. Jennison
Micro-controlled radio-code clock ~ N. E. Sand
80-100 Watt Mosfet Audio Amplifier ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Fast amplitude stabilisation on an RC oscillator ~ I. M. Filanovksy ~ V. A. Piskarev ~ K. A. Stromsmoe
Phase-shifting oscillator ~ Roger Rosens
Cardboard clock ~ Michael McLoughlin ~ Haberdashers' Aske's School Elstree
Electronic Thermometer ~ A. S. Henderson
Measuring transient intermodulation in audio amplifiers
P. Antoniazzi ~ C. Buongiovanni ~ S. Tintori
Wien–bridge oscillator with low harmonic distortion ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Introduction to low-noise amplifier design ~ A. Foord
Nanocomp ~ R. Coates
An acoustically small loudspeaker ~ R. I. Harcourt
Non-echoic acoustic measurement vith the HP 3582A spectrum analyser ~ R. N. Grubb
Electrostatic headphones ~ N. Pollock
Speaker directivity and sound quality ~ James Moir and Associates
Bookshelf loudspeaker MkII ~ Jim Wilkinson ~ Sony Broadcast
Audio preamplifier with no t.i.d. ~ Yuri Miloslavskij
Valves versus Transistors ~ 3 amps all from QUAD ~ James Moir and Associates
Current Dumping ~ does it really work? ~ J. Vanderkooy and S. P. Lipshitz
A new distortion measurement ~ R. A. Belcher ~ BBC Research department
Audible amplifier distortion is not a mystery ~ by Peter J. Baxandall
Distortion in low–noise amplifiers ~ Eric F. Taylor
Eliminating adjacent-channel interference ~ P. L. Taylor ~ University of Salford
Non-linear distortion in audio amplifiers ~ M. Otala ~ Oulu Finland
Acoustic noise units ~ James Moir
Self-setting time code clock ~ N. C. Helsby ~ University of Essex
Wideband compander design ~ John Vanderkooy ~ University of Waterloo Ontario
Low–noise low–cost cassette deck ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Transistor driver for valve amplifiers ~ Seth Berglund ~ Lunds University Sweden
Time-code receiver clock ~ A. F. Cross ~ Thames Television Ltd
Current dumping audio amplifier ~ P. J. Walker and M. P. Albinson ~ QUAD 405
Time by radio ~ D. A. Bateman
Wireless World Dolby noise reducer ~ Geoffrey Shorter
Synthesized communications receiver ~ The Racal RA 1772 ~ R. F. E. Winn
Mains rejection Tracking filter ~ K. F. Knott ~ University of Salford
Reducing Amplifier Distortion ~ A. M. Sandman
Not such a dummy head ~ Artificial head recording ~ D. J. Meares ~ BBC
Baxandall tone control revisited ~ M. V. Thomas
Thyristor control of shunt wound d.c. motors ~ F. Butler
Electronic Sound Synthesizer ~ T. Orr B.Sc. and D. W. Thomas Ph.D M.I.E.R.E..
An approach to audio amplifier design ~ J. R. Stuart M.Sc. ~ Lecson Audio Ltd.
Letters to the Editor July 1973
Frequency Shifter For "Howl" Suppression ~ M. Hartley Jones
Audio Power Amplifier ~ P. L. Taylor ~ M.A. University of Salford
Circards—7 Power Amplifiers ~ J. Carruthers ~ J. H. Evans ~ J. Kinsler ~ P. Williams
Distortion Reducer ~ D Bollen
The Semiconductor Story ~ K. J. Dean ~ G. White ~ Transistor 25th anniversary
The Wireless World Desk Calculator ~ Roger Alexander ~ Brian Crank
Letter From America ~ Quadraphonic systems JVC-RCA CBS SQ ~ G. W. Tillett
Linearity of the Transistor Amplifier ~ W. T. Cocking
Low-noise Audio Amplifiers ~ H. P. Walker
The Transmission—line loudspeaker Enclosure ~ A. R. Bailey
London Audio Fair 1971 ~ Review of a show attended more than 70,000
Electrostatic Headphone Design ~ Philip D. Harvey
The Liniac ~ John L. Lindsey Hood
Charging ~ A further look at CR coupling ~ 'Cathode Ray' ~ M. G. Scroggie
Ceramic Pickup Equalisation ~ B. J. C. Burrows
Stereo Mixer ~ H. P. Walker B.A. ~ A good phono stage albeit with feedback
FM Stereo Tuner ~ L Nelson-Jones
Low Distortion Tone-control Circuit ~ P M Quilter
High-gain Audio Voltage Amplifier ~ D Leblebici
New Approach to Class B Amplifier Design ~ Peter Blomley ~ Plessey
Negative Feedback in Transistor Amplifiers ~ S. W. Amos ~ BBC
The Boxcar Detector ~ J. D. W. Abernethy
Simple Class A Amplifier and Modular Pre-amp ~ John L. Linsley Hood
The Design and Use of Moving—coil Loudspeaker Units ~ E. J. Jordan
15-20W Class AB Audio Amplifier ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Noise in Transistors ~ F. N. H. Robinson M.A. D.Phil.
Class Distinction in Audio Amplifiers ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Communications Receivers ~ Pat Hawker ~ G3VA
Low-cost Horn Loudspeaker System ~ ToneBurst
Dynamic Range versus Ambient Noise ~ George Izzard O'Veering
Tone–Balance Control ~ R. Ambler ~ The QUAD Tilt control explained
Stereo Gramophone Pickups ~ Stanley Kelly
Low–Cost 15-W Amplifer ~ Ian Hardcastle of Texas Instruments ltd. and Basil Lane ~ Introduction to the differential pair front end but using a single supply
Modular Pre-amplifier Design ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Simple Class A Amplifier ~ A 10W design ~ J L Linsley Hood M.I.E.E
Solid–State Oscilloscope ~ Michael Phillips
High–quality Electrostatic Headphones ~ J. P. Wilson ~ Keele University
Noise in Transistor Circuits ~ parts 1 & 2 ~ P. J. Baxandall
Voltage Following ~ Peter Williams B.Sc. ~ Paisley College of Technology
Low–cost High–quality Loudspeaker ~ parts 1 & 2 ~ P. J. Baxandall
High Input–impedance Amplifier Circuits ~ T. D. Towers
Stereophonic Image Sharpness ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research department
30 Watt High Fidelity Amplifier ~ Arthur R. Bailey
Low Distortion Class B Output ~ QUAD 303 output tripples explained
Developments in Microphones ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research Dept.
Wide–range General Purpose Signal Generator ~ L. Nelson–Jones
New B.B.C. Monitoring Loudspeaker ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research Dept.
Electronics in Concorde
Wireless World Digital computer ~ Part 1
A Stereo Decoder ~ D. E. O'n. Waddington ~ Marconi Intruments Ltd.
A.F. Amplification with the Cascode ~ G. A. Stevens
Wireless World June 1966
Letters to the Editor ~ WW December 1966 ~ Current sources
Letters to the Editor ~ WW September 1966 ~ Current sources
Transistor High Quality Amplifier MkII ~ J. Dinsdale
New Low-Noise Transistor Circuit for Electrostatic Microphones ~ P. J. Baxandall
Colour Television Systems ~ P. R. Darrington
Transient testing of A.C. Amplifiers ~ R. C. Bowes
New Phase Splitter ~ A. R. Bailey ~ Radford MA12 MA15
Splitting the Load ~ O. Greiter
Transfer Functions ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Transistor Audio Power Amplifier ~ R. Tobey and J. Dinsdale
Parametric Amplication with Transistors ~ Ulrich L. Rohde
Automatic Wavemeter Calibration ~ D. P. Thurnell
Disc Recording Characteristics ~ J. D. Smith ~ Letters to the Editor ~ W. H. Livy E.M.I. Studios London ~ Formulae for calculating lumped RIAA equalisation
Cascode A.F. Amplifier ~ Long—tailed cascode pair ~ L. B. Hedge
The Nyquist Diagram at Work.pdf ~ 'Cathode Ray'
UL Output Transformers ~ D. M. Leakey and R. B. Gilson
Neon F.M. Tuning Indicator ~ John D. Collinson ~ QUAD FM Tuning indicator
Valve Curve Diagrams ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Measurement of Non~Linearity Distortion ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Wide Range Electrostatic Loudspeakers ~ with Negligible Distortion ~ P. J. Walker
More Distortion ~ What Causes Musical Unpleasantness? ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Distortion ~ "Cathode Ray" ~ Output Transformer Design ~ R. F. Gibson
Valve Codes ~ M. H. N. Potok ~ What valve numbers mean by manufacturer
Further notes on ~ How to Choose a Valve ~ Thomas Roddam
Amplifiers and Superlatives ~ D. T. N. Williamson and P. J. Walker ~ QUADII
Valve Voltmeter – without calibration drift ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
The Williamson Amplifier ~ Articles reprinted from Wireless World 1947~1952
Preface to Wireless World July 1951 ~ The search for Audio Nirvana at this time
Intermodulation Distortion in Gramophone Pickups ~ S. Kelly
Loudspeaker Diaphragm Control ~ J. Moir
Gramophone Turntable Speeds ~ G. F. Dutton ~ E.M.I. Engineering Development
How to Choose a Valve ~ Thomas Roddam ~ gm/Vg curves and distortion
Phase-Shift Oscillators ~ W. G. Raistrick ~ PYE Cambridge Ltd.
Bass Without Big Baffles ~ K. A. Exley
Solving Parallel Problems ~ D. A. Pollock ~ BBC Engineering Division
Negative Feedback ~ E. Griffiths ~ BBC Engineering Division
Preferred–Value Attenuators ~ E. W. Berth–Jones
Electronic Circuitry ~ Coupling d.c. Amplifiers ~ J. McG. Sowerby
Electronic Circuitry ~ Some notes on Phase Splitters ~ J. McG. Sowerby
High–Quality Amplifier: New Version ~ D. T. N. Williamson ~ Ferranti research
Push-Pull Input Circuits ~ Part2 ~ Cathode follower phase splitter ~ W. T. Cocking
The Cathode Follower ~ What it does and how it does it ~ "Cathode Ray"
The See–Saw Circuit ~ A Self balancing phase splitter ~ M. G. Scroggie
Phase–Splitting in Push–Pull Amplifiers ~ W. T. Cocking

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