~ Valve Data Sheets and Application Notes ~


~ Valve Manufacturers Data sheets ~

From Mullard Data Book 1968
From Brimar tube manual No.10
From Brimar tube manual No.10
From Brimar tube manual No.10
Last data issued by Mullard From Mullard data book
GEC Data sheet issue 5 1974 GEC Data sheet issue 5 1977

~ Valve Manufacturers application data & Adverts ~

GEC Application Report No. 19 1962 Brimar Advert in Wireless World
Brimar 40W push-pull pentode

~ Links to other data sites ~

There are so many sites "out there" with more Valve Data than I can possibly post here ~ Below are links to a few of the best I have seen so far ~ They each present their Valve Data in different but interesting and informative ways:

Frank's Electron Tube pages  ~ Frank appears a real fanatic ~ He must have worn out several scanners producing the thousands of pdf files listed ~ Well done Frank

The National Valve Museum  ~ A valuable source of valve info including many good pictures to help identify valves ~ I have made several contributions to the exhibits ~ check it out


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