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Stereo Amp with dual supplies based on my DCD Mod–4 ~ by Stan Mannas

Stereo Bi-Amp based on DCD Mod–3 with ±60V supplies ~ By Joost Plugge

QUAD22 rebuild using the RIAA PCB featured here plus much more QUAD Stuff ~ by Jeroen Lagerwerf

Not a mod but an original untouched 1976 QUAD 405 PCB ~ One of the first production modules

Stereo Amp with dual supplies based on DCD my Mod–3 ~ by Stan Mannas

A pair of M12368 iss.9 PCBs modified to DCD Mod–3 for use with active ground dual PSU

A "safe" Swedish market QUAD II
Images from Frederic Sebton

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QUAD II integrated amplifier by Barry ? using some of my PCBs and Majestic Transformers

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