~ Non Standard Resistor Calculator ~

Calculates the series or parallel combinations of 2 resistors to give the closest approxiamation to a desired value with the options listed in order of least error
Enter required Value
Change Series
Resistor–1 Resistor–2 Nearest Values Error

Sometimes there will be a lot of solutions and scroll bars may not appear with your browser but you should be able to scroll within the box above or resize it to show them

For values less than 1Ω and greater than 1MΩ scale your required values ~ The tolerance of the 2 resistors used will dictate the total error in the value and a single value from a higher E series may be more accurate and more practical

Layout of results may appear different between browsers ~ The results are tab spaced and can be selected and cut from the text area above and pasted into other documents where the presentation will depend on the tab spacing

Some common values like 120Ω 130Ω 150Ω . . . are not standard in the E48 E96 or E192 series but nowadays are readily available in the standard E24 series at 1% or better tolerance so check from E12 upward ~ Click here for other calculators

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