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This page ~ and others where I have things for 'sale' ~ is not e-commerce or any form of automated selling ~ Please email me if you wish to buy anything or exchange any Hi-Fi stuff ~ I prefer it if you can arrange to see and hear or otherwise test before buying which at the moment (May 2020) may be difficult
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Tannoy Eaton HPD 295 Loud Speakers as seen in my article here ~ £850

Cabinets and Grilles are in good condition

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QUAD FM4 Tuner ~ Later Grey model with leak proof battery and uprated mains snubber fitted

In very good cosmetic condition with bright display for its 33 years and should last for many more ~ £200

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PTFE insulated heavily silver plated copper 1970s Vintage Interconnects

Made from a thin 1970s Military spec. coaxial cable ~ Not the usual 50Ω or 75Ω RF cable but a 35Ω impedance power cable with heavily silver plated conductors of similar cross section for inner and outer ~ 0.5m length has <80mΩ loop resistance ~ This is an excellent 'rare cable' stereo interconnect fitted with 1980s 'old school' Neutrik connectors with enamel painted colour bands

0.3m or 0.5m long ~ £75.00
0.7m long ~ £100.00
0.2m to 1.2m on request

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