~ Transistor Noise and rbb measurement ~

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Simple common emitter amplifier jig for transistor noise measurement and determining base spreading resistance [rbb'] by calculation of amplified input noise with known other noise subtracted ~ see this online calculator

Wirewound load resistor

SuperCaps provide low noise floating power supply

Additional capacitor bank for evaluating low frequency 1/ƒ noise

Gain and noise in specific frequency band measured with Agilent 35670A Dynamic signal analyser

Here a 10µVrms signal genetated across a 0.998Ω resistor gives an out from the CE jig of 5.603mVrms so the gain is ≈506

The noise in the 35670A calculated band of 10kHz using Hann window is 21.2µV and the ..

Test jig and PSU [SuperCaps in this case] floating ~ PCB ground plane firmly referenced to analyser input/source connetor ground

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