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~ QUAD ~ LEAK ~ and other Hi-Fi Adverts and Information ~

Front cover of the 1959 (it was a good year) Hi–Fi Year Book with Acoustical Manufacturing co ltd advert
Advert for the Acoustical Corner Ribbon Loudspeaker ~ power amplifier and control unit ~ Wireless World December 1951
Acoustical (QUAD) Advert from Wireless World July 1952 ~ Shows original Q.U.A.D. power amp same design as QUAD II but with EF37 pentodes
Acoustical (QUAD) Advert from Wireless World 1969 ~ Shows QUAD 50E Transistor power amp with output transformer
Acoustical Advert showing the mounting for the QUAD pre-amp and the rare QUAD I with shrouded transformers ~ soon to be replaced with the QUAD II as stereo "arrives"~ Wireless World Feb 1953
25 Years of QUAD ~ This advert for the QUAD 405 immediately followed the article Audible amplifier distortion is not a mystery by Peter J. Baxandall
The QUAD Electrostatic Loudspeaker ~ ESL57 ~ Company glossy from 1978
LEAK Advert from Wireless World Dec 1951 ~ Showing the early TL/12 which used an oversized dual bobbin output transformer LEAK-WW-Dec-1951.pdf
LEAK TroughLine II ~ 4 page advert
LEAK 6 page fold out "glossy" for the transistor Stereo 30 LEAK-Stereo-30.pdf
Radford Electronics ltd Bristol England ~ 1960s Wireless World advert
Hi-Fi sound Stereo Test Disc HFS69 instruction card ~ relaid on A4

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