~ Selmer TruVoice TV8/T ~ Selmer Mercury 5 ~

It's March 2020 and due to the corona virus lockdown in the UK I am once again self unemployed but the good weather is letting me get parts painted for future valve amp projects and I get to start some long overdue jobs like a Selmer guitar amp I promised to repair for a friend who works in Korea and was "in no hurry for it"

So finally after more than a year I get to look at the Selmer amplifier starting with finding a schematic for it ~ Searching the internet and asking a few friends revealed that there is a schematic out there for the Selmer Mercury 5 which was originaly the TV8 but with a magic eye tremolo indicator added and is not the clearest of schematics

Another task I set myself 'now that I had the time' was to move my schematics and PCB layouts drawn with MicroSim 8 to a new package and as OrCad took over MicroSim and had translators for such that would be easy ~ As usual not the case and I spent a lot of time trying to recreate the style of my many symbols made over a 20 year period

OrCad was not as advanced as I expected and little had improved in 20 years ~ one thing that was worse than MicroSim was the ability to create good looking pictographic circuit symbols because OrCad insists on using fixed grids and line styles ~ Although initially frustrating to use for drawing I eventually created some custom symbols

One symbol library that OrCad completely screwed up was my valve amp and vintage transistor symbol set ~ I would now find it difficult to quickly draw some of the clear schematics that I had made in the past ~ It would be extremely difficult trying to draw something like the QUAD MPX Schematic again

However I accepted the challenge of making OrCad look like my MicroSim did at the turn of the century and one of the first new schematics I drew was for the Selmer TV8 Mercury 5 ~ The reason I spend time recreating schematics is they can then be quickly edited to show modifications and they look better in web pages and documents

This is not a valve amp modification article it is simply a step by step record of how the Selemer T.V.8/T was repaired with a few changes to the original layout and some modern components where the were needed and would not change the characteristic of the amplifier

~ ~

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