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Below are some scanned and cleaned up articles from my collection of Wireless World magazines 1950 to 2003 ~ I also have several duplicate and triplicate copies from 1970s to 1990s for exchange or sale (money goes to Cancer Research UK)

Still looking for Aug 1984 pre 1951 copies to scan and put on the web ~ Also looking for any dead QUAD II transformers and dead ESL63s or panels and black KT66s for future projects and articles


~ August 2019 ~

Some of the pdf files have no fonts and have watermarks embedded and may not look correct in applications other than Adobe Acrobat ~ Pages are often odd sizes but if printed from acrobat at 100% and centred should print at original size on A4 or on larger paper choose fit to printer margins for a full page image which may be easier to read

Loudspeakers Exposed ~ John Watkinson ~ watch out for the GRIM speaker
Error feedback in audio power ~ William de Bruyn ~ M. Hawksford ~ E. M. Cherry
300V/µs power ~ Giovanni Stochino ~ possibly the fastest high power audio …?
Class–A power ~ After two and a half decades … ~ John L. Linsley Hood
A fresh look at valve power ~ Morgan Jones ~ Valve amplifiers
Ironing out Distortion ~ Edward Cherry ~ How to reduce distortion ~ parts 1&2
Proof for the golden ears hypothesis? ~ No proof just an advert for Audio Precision
Trial by three tones ~ Ivor Brown
Audio current conveyor ~ The PA630 IC ~ where is it now?
Evolutionary Audio ~ Solid–State Audio Power ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Designing low–noise audio amplifiers ~ Wilfried Adam
High–resolution frequency counter ~ Stephen Theobald
Feedback (letters) Sagnac ~ Relativity ~ Mathematics and Mistakes
Noise in electronic systems ~ D. A. Bell ~ lots of good references
Helical antennas for 435MHz ~ James Miller ~ G3RUH
How to make electric charge from a radio wave ~ R. C. Jennison
Micro-controlled radio-code clock ~ N. E. Sand
80-100 Watt Mosfet Audio Amplifier ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Fast amplitude stabilisation on an RC oscillator ~ I. M. Filanovksy ~ V. A. Piskarev ~ K. A. Stromsmoe
Phase-shifting oscillator ~ Roger Rosens
Cardboard clock ~ Michael McLoughlin ~ Haberdashers' Aske's School Elstree
Electronic Thermometer ~ A. S. Henderson
Measuring transient intermodulation in audio amplifiers
P. Antoniazzi ~ C. Buongiovanni ~ S. Tintori
Wien–bridge oscillator with low harmonic distortion ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Introduction to low-noise amplifier design ~ A. Foord
Nanocomp ~ R. Coates
An acoustically small loudspeaker ~ R. I. Harcourt
Non-echoic acoustic measurement vith the HP 3582A spectrum analyser ~ R. N. Grubb
Electrostatic headphones ~ N. Pollock
Speaker directivity and sound quality ~ James Moir and Associates
Bookshelf loudspeaker MkII ~ Jim Wilkinson ~ Sony Broadcast
Audio preamplifier with no t.i.d. ~ Yuri Miloslavskij
Valves versus Transistors ~ 3 amps all from QUAD ~ James Moir and Associates
Current Dumping ~ does it really work? ~ J. Vanderkooy and S. P. Lipshitz
A new distortion measurement ~ R. A. Belcher ~ BBC Research department
Audible amplifier distortion is not a mystery ~ by Peter J. Baxandall
Distortion in low–noise amplifiers ~ Eric F. Taylor
Eliminating adjacent-channel interference ~ P. L. Taylor ~ University of Salford
Non-linear distortion in audio amplifiers ~ M. Otala ~ Oulu Finland
Acoustic noise units ~ James Moir
Self-setting time code clock ~ N. C. Helsby ~ University of Essex
Wideband compander design ~ John Vanderkooy ~ University of Waterloo Ontario
Low–noise low–cost cassette deck ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Transistor driver for valve amplifiers ~ Seth Berglund ~ Lunds University Sweden
Time-code receiver clock ~ A. F. Cross ~ Thames Television Ltd
Current dumping audio amplifier ~ P. J. Walker and M. P. Albinson ~ QUAD 405
Time by radio ~ D. A. Bateman
Wireless World Dolby noise reducer ~ Geoffrey Shorter
Synthesized communications receiver ~ The Racal RA 1772 ~ R. F. E. Winn
Mains rejection Tracking filter ~ K. F. Knott ~ University of Salford
Reducing Amplifier Distortion ~ A. M. Sandman
Not such a dummy head ~ Artificial head recording ~ D. J. Meares ~ BBC
Baxandall tone control revisited ~ M. V. Thomas
Thyristor control of shunt wound d.c. motors ~ F. Butler
Electronic Sound Synthesizer ~ T. Orr B.Sc. and D. W. Thomas Ph.D M.I.E.R.E..
An approach to audio amplifier design ~ J. R. Stuart M.Sc. ~ Lecson Audio Ltd.
Letters to the Editor July 1973
Frequency Shifter For "Howl" Suppression ~ M. Hartley Jones
Audio Power Amplifier ~ P. L. Taylor ~ M.A. University of Salford
Circards—7 Power Amplifiers ~ J. Carruthers ~ J. H. Evans ~ J. Kinsler ~ P. Williams
Distortion Reducer ~ D Bollen
The Wireless World Desk Calculator ~ Roger Alexander ~ Brian Crank
Letter From America ~ Quadraphonic systems JVC-RCA CBS SQ ~ G. W. Tillett
Linearity of the Transistor Amplifier ~ W. T. Cocking
Low-noise Audio Amplifiers ~ H. P. Walker
The Transmission—line loudspeaker Enclosure ~ A. R. Bailey
London Audio Fair 1971 ~ Review of a show attended more than 70,000
Electrostatic Headphone Design ~ Philip D. Harvey
The Liniac ~ John L. Lindsey Hood
Charging ~ A further look at CR coupling ~ 'Cathode Ray' ~ M. G. Scroggie
Ceramic Pickup Equalisation ~ B. J. C. Burrows
Stereo Mixer ~ H. P. Walker B.A. ~ A good phono stage albeit with feedback
FM Stereo Tuner ~ L Nelson-Jones
Low Distortion Tone-control Circuit ~ P M Quilter
High-gain Audio Voltage Amplifier ~ D Leblebici
New Approach to Class B Amplifier Design ~ Peter Blomley ~ Plessey
Negative Feedback in Transistor Amplifiers ~ S. W. Amos ~ BBC
The Boxcar Detector ~ J. D. W. Abernethy
Simple Class A Amplifier and Modular Pre-amp ~ John L. Linsley Hood
The Design and Use of Moving—coil Loudspeaker Units ~ E. J. Jordan
15-20W Class AB Audio Amplifier ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Noise in Transistors ~ F. N. H. Robinson M.A. D.Phil.
Class Distinction in Audio Amplifiers ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Communications Receivers ~ Pat Hawker ~ G3VA
Low-cost Horn Loudspeaker System ~ ToneBurst
Dynamic Range versus Ambient Noise ~ George Izzard O'Veering
Tone–Balance Control ~ R. Ambler ~ The QUAD Tilt control explained
Low–Cost 15-W Amplifer ~ Ian Hardcastle of Texas Instruments ltd. and Basil Lane ~ Introduction to the differential pair front end but using a single supply
Modular Pre-amplifier Design ~ John L. Linsley Hood
Simple Class A Amplifier ~ A 10W design ~ J L Linsley Hood M.I.E.E
Solid–State Oscilloscope ~ Michael Phillips
High–quality Electrostatic Headphones ~ J. P. Wilson ~ Keele University
Noise in Transistor Circuits ~ parts 1 & 2 ~ P. J. Baxandall
Voltage Following ~ Peter Williams B.Sc. ~ Paisley College of Technology
Low–cost High–quality Loudspeaker ~ parts 1 & 2 ~ P. J. Baxandall
High Input–impedance Amplifier Circuits ~ T. D. Towers
Stereophonic Image Sharpness ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research department
30 Watt High Fidelity Amplifier ~ Arthur R. Bailey
Low Distortion Class B Output ~ QUAD 303 output tripples explained
Developments in Microphones ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research Dept.
Wide–range General Purpose Signal Generator ~ L. Nelson–Jones
New B.B.C. Monitoring Loudspeaker ~ H. D. Harwood ~ BBC Research Dept.
Electronics in Concorde
Wireless World Digital computer ~ Part 1
A Stereo Decoder ~ D. E. O'n. Waddington ~ Marconi Intruments Ltd.
A.F. Amplification with the Cascode ~ G. A. Stevens
Wireless World June 1966
Letters to the Editor ~ WW December 1966 ~ Current sources
Letters to the Editor ~ WW September 1966 ~ Current sources
Transistor High Quality Amplifier MkII ~ J. Dinsdale
New Low-Noise Transistor Circuit for Electrostatic Microphones ~ P. J. Baxandall
Colour Television Systems ~ P. R. Darrington
Transient testing of A.C. Amplifiers ~ R. C. Bowes
Splitting the Load ~ O. Greiter
Transfer Functions ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Transistor Audio Power Amplifier ~ R. Tobey and J. Dinsdale
Parametric Amplication with Transistors ~ Ulrich L. Rohde
Automatic Wavemeter Calibration ~ D. P. Thurnell
Letters to the Editor ~ Disc Recording Characteristics ~ J. D. Smith ~ W. H. Livy E.M.I. Studios London ~ Formulae for calculating lumped RIAA equalisation
Cascode A.F. Amplifier ~ Long—tailed cascode pair ~ L. B. Hedge
The Nyquist Diagram at Work.pdf ~ 'Cathode Ray'
UL Output Transformers ~ D. M. Leakey and R. B. Gilson
Distortion ~ "Cathode Ray" ~ Output Transformer Design ~ R. F. Gibson
More Distortion ~ What Causes Musical Unpleasantness? ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Valve Curve Diagrams ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Measurement of Non~Linearity Distortion ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
Further notes on ~ How to Choose a Valve ~ Thomas Roddam
Amplifiers and Superlatives ~ D. T. N. Williamson and P. J. Walker ~ QUADII
Valve Voltmeter – without calibration drift ~ M. G. Scroggie ~ 'Cathode Ray'
The Williamson Amplifier ~ Articles reprinted from Wireless World 1947~1952
Preface to Wireless World July 1951 ~ The search for Audio Nirvana at this time
Intermodulation Distortion in Gramophone Pickups ~ S. Kelly
Loudspeaker Diaphragm Control ~ J. Moir
Gramophone Turntable Speeds ~ G. F. Dutton ~ E.M.I. Engineering Development
How to Choose a Valve ~ Thomas Roddam ~ gm/Vg curves and distortion
Phase-Shift Oscillators ~ W. G. Raistrick ~ PYE Cambridge Ltd.
Bass Without Big Baffles ~ K. A. Exley
Solving Parallel Problems ~ D. A. Pollock ~ BBC Engineering Division
Negative Feedback ~ E. Griffiths ~ BBC Engineering Division
Preferred–Value Attenuators ~ E. W. Berth–Jones
Electronic Circuitry ~ Coupling d.c. Amplifiers ~ J. McG. Sowerby
Electronic Circuitry ~ Some notes on Phase Splitters ~ J. McG. Sowerby
High–Quality Amplifier: New Version ~ D. T. N. Williamson ~ Ferranti research
The Cathode Follower ~ What it does and how it does it ~ "Cathode Ray"
The See–Saw Circuit ~ A Self balancing phase splitter ~ M. G. Scroggie
Phase–Splitting in Push–Pull Amplifiers ~ W. T. Cocking

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