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QUAD II Block Capacitors C4+C6 for sale

Tested for capacitance and leakage at working voltage ~ Sold as Good if leakage less than 50µA and Bad if greater or clearly faulty

Good ~ £45:00 each including EU postage

Bad ~ £28:00 each including EU postage

Other vintage amplifier parts available

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QUAD (Acoustical) FM valve tuner for Sale

Has had some of the usual repairs done by QUAD to keep it functioning but could do with some further work ~ This tuner is fitted with an MC1310P PPL stereo decoder which was common in 1970s and just about fits behind the front panel and is powered from the 6.3V heater supply via a small transformer ~ case has "rubber foot" marks on bottom ~ Sold as a working stereo tuner project in need of further work for best results

£75.00 including UK postage or £65.00 Local collection or arranged drop off

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PTFE insulation silver plated pure copper 1970s Vintage Interconnects

Made from a thin 1970s Military spec. coaxial cable ~ Not the usual 50Ω or 75Ω RF cable but a 35Ω impedance power cable with heavily silver plated conductors of similar cross section for inner and outer ~ 0.5m length has <80mΩ loop resistance ~ This is an excellent 'rare cable' stereo interconnect fitted with 1980s 'old school' Neutrik connectors with enamel painted colour bands

0.3m or 0.5m long ~ £75.00
0.7m long ~ £100.00
0.2m to 1.2m on request

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